Sep 27, 2011

Featured Artist Karen White

I love all kinds of creatures, real ones and painted ones. So I picked out these three products from Kewzoo, Karen White's store on Zazzle.
Wally Wombat mousepad
Wally Wombat by kewzoo
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Sep 25, 2011

Sep 20, 2011

BorealisArt on Zazzle

The person behind BorealisArt is Nora Blansett, an artist and a photographer. The item I picked as #1 is a beautiful binder with Nora's watercolour art on it.
The second binder I chose has also been done with watercolours:
And here's the third binder:
These binders show that this Zazzle shop offers something you could never find in a mall - beautiful art!

Sep 13, 2011

Today's Featured Artist: MGDezigns

During all the time I've been having a Zazzle shop I never dared to do a business card. But I've been always admiring the fellow zazzlers who did them, and one them is MGDezigns. So here's a selection of her beautiful business cards:

Sep 5, 2011

Today's featured artist: Rainbow Art on Zazzle

Today I am very pleased to present Rainbow Art to you aka Hilly Wakeford. She has got an impressive shop on Zazzle, and it is really difficult to decide which items to pick out.
The first step I took was to go to her traditional paintings department. and as I am doing a bit of sketching and painting myself and love to focus on animals I decided to have a closer look at her animals.
Here's the first item I picked, an Arabian stallion postcard:
Then this Burmese Cat caught my eyes:
Burmese Cat Seal Point stamp
Burmese Cat Seal Point by Felidae52
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Then this beautiful blackbird got my attention:
Fly Past Blackbird mousepad
Fly Past Blackbird by Felidae52
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I very much advise you to have a look for yourself and browse through this amazing shop with its loads of beautiful art!