Dec 31, 2014

Orange blossom and green leaf flask | Zazzle

I really enjoyed doing the gouache painting. I had no particular reference for it, just an idea...

Dec 30, 2014

Colourful doodle clipboard

Painting this colourful doodle was fun and relaxing. I liked it very much when it was finished, and I think you might like it as well, for example on one of Zazzle's clipboards:

Dec 26, 2014

Colourful doodle Mug

This design is the result of doodling with markers on a lazy Sunday afternoon...
Colourful doodle mug
Colourful doodle mug by ullahennig
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Dec 22, 2014

Cat Portrait Bag

I used this digital painting for postcards, which I had printed out at my local drugstore. I'd also uploaded the file to Zazzle, but hadn't done much so far with it. Here's the cat portrait on the tote bag!
Cat portrait tote bag
Cat portrait tote bag by ullahennig
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Dec 20, 2014

In the Jungle Mug

For a long time I've been thinking that I would not manage to combine my creative activities with my activities on Zazzle. So I focussed on painting and drawing, and neglected the creation of new products for Zazzle.
Due to the fact that I am a member of a German group on Facebook (it is a secret group) for people who create designs for print on demand platforms I got encouraged to try to combine art and design - and here's the latest result: it is a painting done with gouache and markers.
Orange flower and green leaf mug
Orange flower and green leaf mug by ullahennig
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Dec 14, 2014

SOLD: Pansy Scarf

I just sold this colourful scarf:
Pansy scarf
Pansy scarf by ullahennig
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