Nov 23, 2016

Orange Fish Coaster

The design of this coaster is based on a watermedia painting I did quite some time ago.

Aug 16, 2016

Redbubble and Zazzle reactivated!

Quite some time ago I'd opened a Redbubble shop, uploaded a few designs and then forgot it. Now, some years later, I decided to reactivate the shop. It is not so much about the money - although I won't refuse it when it comes - it is about showing my art, be it digital painting, as with the pansy which I did with artrage, or be it vector art as in the horses on the right pillow. 
With my Zazzle shop it is a bit of the same. I've got more designs up there (, but I decided to work more regularly on that shop as well.

You can find the products in my Redbubble shop with the "three-horses-running"-design here.