Jun 30, 2011

Fighting Seagulls

Actually this is a Zazzle postcard, but I used it to create those two bookmarks with one of my pastel paintings. Cut along the white line and you will get two bookmarks which won't get lost in your books!

Jun 28, 2011

Featuring Bloomingvinedesign

It is promotion time again! It is such a pleasure to visit other artists' shops and to select items. The variety in style and design is amazing!
Today I present to you Bloomingvinedesigns, The artist focuses on floral photography, fine art and graphic design.
Here is a beautiful example of floral photography:
Blue Flower Iphone Case speckcase
Blue Flower Iphone Case by bloomingvinedesign
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And here is a high resolution print of a pastel painting. I love those shades of blue and green!

Dancing Deadfall Print print
Dancing Deadfall Print by bloomingvinedesign
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And here is something very special: a necklace with a piece of beautiful digital art:

Jun 27, 2011

Abstract Coaster

This is the result of experimenting with Inkscape and photoshop. I really like this coaster!

Jun 25, 2011

Devils and Demons

I admit it is a bit early for Halloween products yet but I simply could not resist designing those cute little demons and devils!

Jun 21, 2011

Beautiful Butterfly Necklace

I am the member of a group of Zazzlers on Facebook, and every week this group features the products of one member. This week it is "starstreamgifts", a beautiful shop full of elegant designs.
I picked out a necklace, and one that is one of the very few necklaces on Zazzle which I really love and even would consider to wear myself (I must admit I am not the necklace wearing kind of person). The butterfly and the background fit perfectly together!

Winter Ice iPhone 3 Case

Jun 19, 2011

I love Germany T-shirt

Black, red and yellow are the colours of the German flag. At the end of June the World Women Soccer Championship will begin, and the German team is one of the favourites. What about watching the games and wearing this stylish T-shirt?

Jun 14, 2011

A Selection of My Product Range

This week I am honoured to be featured by members of a wonderful group on Facebook which focuses on Zazzle.
On the one side being featured is a great thing - other people who are shop-owners themselves on Zazzle spend their precious time going through my store, looking for products they like and present on their blogs, on Facebook or on Twitter.
On the other side it made me think about my product range. Here I present to you some examples of my work.

The Chinese Teahouse

Fighting Seagulls

Graphic Design/Vector Art
The Brown Bears

Jun 7, 2011

Bubblescapes from Diane Clancy's Art

Today I want to present to you three beautiful abstract designs from the shop
Diane Clancy's Art::