Jan 31, 2011

Rabbits in Love

Valentine's Day is not far away. It is the day of love, and it is almost the season of spring. 2011 is the year of the Rabbit, so why not express your tender feelings towards your loved one with those cute little animals?

Jan 28, 2011

Out of the Sketchbook and onto the Mousepad

Many artists put their art on Zazzle products, and editionha is one of them. Both mousepads show examples of his gouache work, taken out of one of his sketchbooks.
Maybe you know somebody who likes art and winter landscapes at the same time? Why not making him or her happy with a mousepad?

Jan 26, 2011

Cat Mugs

Today I'd like to present to you two cat mugs. They differ in style, but both of them picture the typical cat character.

Jan 24, 2011

Dogs and Elephants

Both, the dog and the elephant, are sketches I did in the last year. Dogs are lovely animals and come in all sizes - big ones, little ones, yappy ones, silent ones, and all of them have big hearts.
I don't keep a dog myself - I work the whole day and a dog would not be happy with me being away the whole day. But I love to watch them and to pat them - if their owner allows it.
This T-shirt could be a most fitting present for everyone who loves dogs.

Whenever I think of elephants I think of dignity and agility. They look as if they move slowly, but they cover long distances faster than you think. They are able to discover water deep in the ground and to get at it with their trunks. They treat their young ones with tender strictness (or strict tenderness?).

Jan 21, 2011

Two Cute Donkeys

Donkeys are great animals.They carry big loads and even people upon their backs, they don't need juicy grass and they have sure feet.

The photo on the the mug and the mousepad portrays a pair of them, caressing each other with their muzzles. Mug and mousepad are beautiful presents for people who love those critters!

Jan 19, 2011

Blue Butterflies

I miss the butterflies! I have never seen a blue one, but I've seen a lot of yellow ones, white ones, and those beautiful colourful ones which are called "Admiral" in German.
On the other hand blue is definitely my favorite colour. So I simply love this Blue Butterfly design, made by SchlatterMargrit.

Jan 15, 2011

My Happy Busy Bee Design

This design is the result of my first work with Inkscape, the free alternative to Adobe Illustrator. I just followed a tutorial and thought I could try to put the design on the products offered by Zazzle.

According to my sales report people like this design. The mug and the card are just two samples of the whole line-you will find an apron, a sticker and a lot more nice products.

Maybe you are thinking about a Valentine present, and your loved one is such a happy busy bee - full of activiity and happiness. Would not she like to have one of those Happy Busy Bee thingies?

Happy Birthday, My Busy Bee! card
Happy Birthday, My Busy Bee! by ullahennig

I am a happy busy bee! mug
I am a happy busy bee! by ullahennig