Jan 15, 2011

My Happy Busy Bee Design

This design is the result of my first work with Inkscape, the free alternative to Adobe Illustrator. I just followed a tutorial and thought I could try to put the design on the products offered by Zazzle.

According to my sales report people like this design. The mug and the card are just two samples of the whole line-you will find an apron, a sticker and a lot more nice products.

Maybe you are thinking about a Valentine present, and your loved one is such a happy busy bee - full of activiity and happiness. Would not she like to have one of those Happy Busy Bee thingies?

Happy Birthday, My Busy Bee! card
Happy Birthday, My Busy Bee! by ullahennig

I am a happy busy bee! mug
I am a happy busy bee! by ullahennig

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