Jun 30, 2010

Photoshop Shapes

Today I have been experimenting with photoshop shapes - and I am fascinated and happy! There are loads of free shapes on the web, and I used my free time at work today to play around with some snowflakes.
Everybody tells me how important it is to think ahead, and so I am full of ideas for nice winter designs - something like "I love snow" or "I love winter" surrounded by different shapes of snowflakes.

At home I am working with photoshop Elements, the younger brother of Photoshop, and I was curious whether it has the shapes functionality as well. It has! So I tried out some leaves and trees - maybe a nice autumn design with multicolored leaves and something like "life is colorful" on it.

I've got the feeling that this is totally different to putting my photos on mugs, cards or magnets. There is much more play in it, moving things around, trying out different colors, different fonts. It is so much FUN!


  1. I'm not sure which version of Photoshop I've got but I've never noticed shapes! Sounds like a lot of fun - and, as you know, I do believe that real art has more to do with 'play' and 'fun'than anything else! All that experimenting is GOOD FOR YOU!

  2. You will find "shapes" on the Tools board. Normally a rectangle symbol is shown.you can download all kinds of shapes (and brushes as well) and use them for creating things.